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Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging consultation: Why it’s important for producers to engage in the process

Dominique Barry
May 11, 2021


UK Packaging Waste Regulations reform consultation

The second public consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging was released in March 2021. For those of you that don’t know what this means, Extended Producer Responsibility follows the ‘polluter pays principle’, which aims to deliver greater resource circularity by making producers more accountable for the goods (in this case packaging) they’re placing on the market.

Policy decisions that follow this consultation will bring about the most significant changes to the Packaging Waste Regulations since their inception in 1997, therefore it’s imperative that producers understand exactly what these changes could mean for them.

What is a consultation?

A consultation is an early stage of a policy making process and presents an opportunity for stakeholders to have a say on future policy development. It allows Government to gather information on a topic and enables informed decisions to be made.

Why is it important that producers respond to this consultation?

The reporting and financial impact to producers, which will result from changes to the existing Packaging Waste Regulations, should not be underestimated. Associated costs are expected to rise by 10 to 30 times when compared to the current Packaging Waste Recovery Note (PRN) system.

This consultation process offers producers a platform to directly feedback to Government, to make their voices and opinions heard and provides an opportunity for producers to directly influence the development of a policy which will significantly affect them.

We are keen for the Government to hear as many stakeholders’ views as possible, so that all areas of industry are represented and all producers (irrelevant of their size) have their say. This will ensure that the Government receives a balanced and complete insight into how the packaging system reform will impact all those affected.

How to respond to the consultation

Valpak strongly advise that all producers respond directly to the consultation, before the 4 June deadline. This can be done via the Government website.

Alternatively, responses can be made via Trade Associations or other similar bodies.

The existing Packaging Waste Regulations has achieved a high level of success. It is therefore imperative that a new system is even more successful and is one that helps the government to achieve its ambition to increase recycling, minimise waste and improve resource efficiency. The more producers that respond to the consultation, the better.

Valpak can help

If you’re unaware of these imminent changes or would like further clarification on what these changes could mean for your organisation, please contact one of our technical experts for help and advice.

We are also hosting a webinar, on 25 May at 2pm, which will talk you through things to consider within your response, as well as how to respond. And we are offering free, personalised EPR clinics and cost forecasts to help as many businesses as possible to be EPR-ready. Contact us today to book.


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