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The EU Plastics Levy and its implementation across Europe

Emma Trevor
Jul 20, 2021
Our ‘Plastic Tax Passport’ blog series will provide guidance so you can establish where and how your business may be affected, what packaging will be included in the taxes, if there will be additional reporting requirements and also how the differing implementations will affect the markets you trade in.

New amendment brings major change to packaging legislation in Finland

Lauren Shrimpton
Jul 14, 2021
At the end of June 2021, the Finnish Parliament adopted new waste legislation which will come into force in August 2021. Valpak’s International Account Manager, Lauren Shrimpton, looks at this large legislative package and its far-reaching implications for producers across the world.

#PowerToDoMore - to create a sustainable, waste free world for EV batteries

Ben Richardson
Jul 08, 2021
Ben Richardson, Valpak Director of Procurement, takes a look at electric vehicle batteries and their potential impact on the environment, as well as some possible solutions, including Extended Producer Responsibility legislation, to ensure they're recycled in a sustainable and responsible manner.

EU packaging waste regulations updates

Emma Trevor
Jul 07, 2021
As we reach the mid-year point of 2021, multiple EU member states have implemented amendments to their packaging waste regulations. Emma Trevor, Valpak’s International Account Manager, explores some of the key changes we have seen so far this year.

Extended Producer Responsibility for the Construction Sector – what you need to know

Matt Nichols
Jul 05, 2021
Matt Nichols, Divisional Director at Reconomy, discusses what Extended Producer Responsibility means for the construction and demolition industry.


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