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International compliance: Keeping track of country specific requirements

Becky Thomas
Jan 15, 2020
Understandably, international compliance can be a minefield for UK businesses to navigate. However, for recycling systems to function effectively, producers must play their part in reporting and funding. Becky Thomas has written a Blog, which outlines how some countries interpretations of the regulations differ.

Unpacking the myths of the Packaging Waste Regulations

Ross More
Jan 15, 2020
Some businesses may believe that they are not affected by the Packaging Waste Regulations, when they actually do have an obligation. Ross More, Commercial Account Manager, tries to dispel some common misunderstandings in his Blog post.

Retailer WEEE take back: Alternatives to the DTS

James Beard
Dec 04, 2019
It is possible that the Distributor Take-back Scheme may not be extended beyond the end of this year. James's latest Blog outlines what Valpak can do to help if you're looking to operate a take back service for waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Natural beauty: Personal care need not cost the earth

Ellie Mitchell
Nov 18, 2019
Many consumers are seeking to lead sustainable lifestyles and are looking to producers and brands to offer and produce eco-friendly or easy to recycle products and packaging. With the beauty industry currently under the sustainability spotlight, Ellie Mitchell outlines some of the steps key groups are taking to reduce their impact on the environment and how Valpak can help businesses to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Expanding horizons: Environmental legislation

Christie Fawke
Oct 28, 2019
With the UK set to leave the European Union , Christie Fawke advises businesses to find out what environmental legislation is in place when looking to expand retail horizons and outlines how Valpak can help businesses to comply overseas.


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