Brother U.K.

Assisting Brother U.K. with packaging, WEEE and batteries data submissions

Brother U.K, a solutions and technology company based in Greater Manchester, has a vast range of electrical product lines. Therefore, complying with the Packaging WasteWEEE and Waste Batteries Directives was going to take some planning and the need to collaborate with a business partner with the expertise to help. Brother is committed to protecting the environment and requires considerable knowledge and technical expertise both in-house and from third party suppliers to ensure this happens.

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Brother U.K. has had a strong relationship with our Compliance Services Team for over 10 years and our help and advice has given Brother the opportunity to ensure compliance has been met across multiple pieces of environmental legislation at a high standard and in line with Valpak’s compliance scheme.

Brother U.K. has now signed up to our Data Management Service, which means a Valpak account manager will carry out yearly sense checks of all their data, update methodologies and will look to make continuous improvements to their submission. For example, in 2020, we updated their packaging submission to reflect that incoming pallets were being missed.

Our team of auditors carry out yearly compliance reviews to ensure that we are aware of any new business activities. These reviews enable us to continually improve the accuracy of Brother U.K’s submissions.

Brother recently split out a part of their business, which affected their WEEE obligation. We were able to provide advice and ensured that they picked up the correct obligation.

Data Management

After enlisting our help, Brother U.K. are confident that they are fully compliant with all relevant environmental legislation. They also feel reassured that we will continue to review as well as strive to improve the environmental credentials of their products and the packaging around them.

We also provide Brother U.K with cost projections in line with any legislation changes, as well as cost forecasts that they can use for budgeting purposes.

We’ve been working with Valpak for over 10 years and the account management support offered has helped us to build a strong partnership, which ensures we meet the benchmarks of each environmental compliance successfully.

Keith Howe, Supply Chain & Service Director, Brother U.K.