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Where in the world might your business have producer responsibility obligations?


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EU Countries (excluding Mandatory Green Dot Countries)

The Directives on Packaging Waste, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, and Waste Batteries are in force across all EU Member States. However, their implementation varies; for example, some use systems of ‘shared producer responsibility’ like the UK, while others target only the company first importing or selling relevant products. Others use a more standard taxation system. Other variations include qualifying thresholds, data declaration frequencies and requirements, and consumer information obligations.

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Other European Countries (excluding EU and Mandatory Green Dot Countries)

While beyond the remit of the EU Directives, many non-EU European countries have adopted similar measures to combat packaging, electrical, and battery waste. As with the EU Directives, there is little to no harmonisation regarding who is obligated, and the actions required of obligated companies. Each country should be considered on its individual merits; you may be obligated even without a physical presence.

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Mandatory Green Dot Countries

As with the rest of the EU, the Directives for Packaging Waste, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, and Waste Batteries apply in mandatory Green Dot countries, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Spain, where obligations vary. However, the Green Dot is required on primary sales packaging around products sold to consumers; products cannot be sold without the Green Dot being marked.

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North America

Both Canada and the USA have implemented or are starting to implement extended producer responsibility legislation affecting both domestic and overseas companies. Currently there is no federal approach to this legislation in either country but is being implemented on an individual province or state basis. Compliance requirements are progressing in many areas, including Mexico, so it is important to monitor these developments to identify any obligations as they arise.

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South America

Given the broad range of countries in South America, the extended producer responsibility landscape is highly varied. Several countries have implemented some form of compliance requirements, and some others are considering similar actions. Regardless of your selling techniques into South America, reviewing the landscape for potential obligations is always recommended.

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There is little in the way of producer responsibility legislation around packaging, WEEE and batteries in this region currently. However, as waste compliance in general is progressing worldwide, it is worth being aware of any relevant developments if you are commercially active in this region.

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Extended producer responsibility is evolving in Asia. Several countries now have requirements in place which affect both domestic and overseas companies, and this looks likely to continue to grow moving forwards. Again, the best approach is to look at each country’s individual requirements to identify any potential obligations.

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Extended producer responsibility is evolving primarily in Australia and New Zealand, particularly around packaging, WEEE and batteries. With a mixture of voluntary and mandatory schemes depending on company and product type, we highly recommend researching the individual requirements for any markets in which you’re commercially active.

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