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Have a look through some of the environmental challenges we’ve helped our customers with.

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EPR Ready | Sustainability & Consultancy
Nandos Grocery International Ltd.

A review of Nandos Grocery International Ltd's use of packaging to forecast future costs associated with Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging and the Plastic Packaging Tax, and to ensure best in class for top selling products...

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Greener upon Thames
Sustainability & Consultancy

We conducted a literature review of previous studies into the environmental impacts of carrier bags in order to identify which, were environmentally preferable to single use plastic bags...

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Sustainability & Consultancy
Modelling Steel Packaging Flow

We were commissioned by Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association to develop a model that could be used to more accurately quantify the amount of steel placed onto the UK market...

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Recycling & Waste | Sustainability & Consultancy
The Co-operative

Our Consultancy Team undertook a waste audit in five of the Group’s Nottingham stores, calculating the amount of dry recyclable...

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Valpak’s Fortnightly Industry News Update keeps me informed of the ever changing legislation and up to speed with what is going on within the industry. I find it to be a useful source of information that is presented to me in an easy to use format.