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We have worked and are working with a number of organisations to increase recycling rates, raise awareness and reduce businesses impact on the environment – helping them meet CSR objectives. Listed below are a selection of projects to showcase some of the work we have done.

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Projects and Partnerships | Recycling & Waste
WEEE Recycling Solutions

We are working with organisations such as British Telecom (BT) to identify WEEE recycling solutions for both now and the future...

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Reverse Vending
EPR Ready | Projects and Partnerships
Deposit Return Schemes

To support the modelling of potential UK Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) we estimated UK consumption of drinks and their packaging, as well as how much of this is recycled...

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Projects and Partnerships | Sustainability & Consultancy
Take-away Coffee Cup Disposal

Huhtamaki commissioned Valpak to assess consumer understanding, attitudes and disposal habits for disposable coffee cups...

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