Deposit Return Schemes

To support the modelling of potential UK Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) we have estimated the current UK consumption of drinks and their packaging, as well as how much of this is recycled.


We have achieved this using our unique product and packaging database, EPIC, covering over 33 million UK purchases, combined with our detailed Flow project data, which each assess individual material markets for packaging.

Reverse Vending

DRS Working Group

We formed a DRS working Group, with members from across the supply chain, with a Group aim:

“To investigate a viable, commercial and well-designed DRS system and understand its impact on industry and consumers.”

Valpak’s role within the Group has been to coordinate and facilitate meetings and provide independent data, analysis and modelling.

Valpak continue to develop and extend our models and market assessments, and provide data to members and Government when required.