Report – The circular economy at work: Jobs and skills for London’s low carbon future

ReLondon commissioned our Consultancy team to showcase the employment opportunities a growing circular economy in London can offer and highlight the skills required.

ReLondon Mapping Data

According to Bloomberg news, an increasing number of people are leaving their jobs to pursue a career to help combat climate change. The International Labour Organization forecasts that, with the right policies in place, more than 24 million green jobs could be created globally by 2030.


ReLondon commissioned our  Consultancy team to showcase the employment opportunities a circular economy can bring in London, alongside what skills and training are necessary to achieve its £24.2bn potential by 2030.

Our research shows that moving to a low-carbon circular economy could create over a quarter of a million additional jobs by 2030.

These new circular economy jobs are not just in the waste and recycling sectors as is traditionally thought – they are everywhere across the capital, across a wide variety of sectors in the economy, and across a diverse range of skill levels. With the right training provision, growth in London’s circular economy can create job opportunities accessible to all Londoners.

Read the report to learn how the circular economy contributes to substantial green job creation and economic growth, and how Londoners can gain the skills required to achieve this growth.