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Reducing the burden of the packaging waste submission for The Vasanta Group

The Vasanta Group has around 70,000 product lines sourced from both UK and overseas channels. They carry out a number of activities in relation to packaging including removal of transit packaging and repacking products, some of which are relocated within the group and others sent directly to their customers.

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Collection and analysis of data for packaging data submission is a time consuming process for Vasanta Group, requiring detailed knowledge of how the regulations apply to the activities they carry out within the business.

In order to reduce the administrative burden of completing the packaging data submission, Vasanta turned to Valpak’s Data Management Team for help.

Valpak undertook the following activities to assist Vasanta with their data submission:

  • Detailed audit on site to understand all of the different business activities and how they relate to the packaging data submission form
  • Identified raw data required to produce the data submission
  • Carried out weighing days to collect packaging weights information
  • Produced Vasanta’s data submission and submitted it to the Environment Agency by the required regulatory deadline
Data Management

The Vasanta Group has realised a number of benefits as a result of outsourcing their data submission to Valpak:

  • Peace of mind they are fully compliant in the UK and Ireland
  • Staff time and resource savings
  • full audit trail of how their data has been calculated so that they are fully prepared for any Environment Agency audits

Valpak continues to manage the UK and Republic of Ireland packaging submissions for Vasanta and now also support them with their WEEE and batteries data submissions in both countries.

Using Valpak to outsource our packaging, WEEE and batteries submissions for the UK and Republic of Ireland is a cost effective relief for our business. It saves Vasanta Group considerable time and effort, as Valpak takes on the responsibility of the 23 submissions necessary for our compliance with the packaging, WEEE and batteries regulations in both countries. The appointment of a dedicated account manager provides us with a reliable contact for any queries.

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