RGB Building Supplies

Outsourcing their packaging compliance obligation to Valpak

RGB Building Supplies, a builders merchant in South West England, found the process of compiling their packaging waste submission to be complex and time consuming. This was compounded by the fact that the submission only had to be made once per year and was not viewed as a business critical activity.


To ease this burden, RGB fully outsourced their environmental compliance in the UK to Valpak. Our Data Management Team identified exactly what legislation RGB were obligated under, collected weights and completed the data submission on their behalf.

Data Management

By outsourcing their packaging compliance to us, RGB has peace of mind that they are meeting all of their obligations under the Packaging Waste Regulations and that their submission is as accurate as reasonably possible. This is especially of value given the wide range of product types RGB supplies, including their standard product range as well as special orders.

Working with Valpak makes the data submission process much easier and gives us comfort that our submission is based on robust and auditable data prepared by a professional organisation.

RGB Building Supplies