Orchard Valley

We worked with Orchard Valley Foods to provide expertise and customised, cost-effective packaging compliance solutions

Orchard Valley Foods needed to assess their obligations under The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations, including the legal, operational and financial implications of compliance.

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Valpak’s Data Management Team worked with Orchard Valley Foods to provide expertise and customised, cost-effective solutions. We were able to assess the volume of packaging supplied by Orchard Valley Foods and determine the company’s packaging obligation.

Valpak produced a comprehensive report detailing:

  • legal responsibilities with regard to the UK Packaging Waste Regulations
  • options available in order to become compliant
  • guidance on how to become compliant
Data Management

The key steps of the project and benefits for Orchard Valley Foods were as follows:

  • Legal responsibilities were detailed
  • Options were detailed and recommendations were presented
  • Packaging waste guidance was provided to the company
  • The Data Management Team took responsibility for specifying, collecting and calculating the packaging data submission on behalf of the company
  • Orchard Valley Foods was registered with the Environment Agency in a timely and accurate fashion

Working with Valpak gave Orchard Valley Foods confidence that they were meeting legal requirements under the UK Packaging Waste Regulations and that data was “as accurate as reasonably possible” as required by the Regulations.

We have worked with Valpak for over three years and are very pleased with the work carried out so far. They have patiently explained complex legislation and put it into terms we can follow. We can trust them to inform and coach us in what we must provide. In addition, the friendly and professional support they have provided has enabled us to meet the demands of the Environmental Agency. We would highly recommend working with them.

Orchard Valley Foods