Lakes Bathrooms

Helping Lakes Bathrooms to reduce costs and comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations.

Lakes Bathrooms wanted to ensure that they were fully compliant with the Packaging Waste Regulations and at the same time reduce the burden on the business of completing their annual packaging data submission.



To reduce the administrative burden of completing the packaging data submission and to ensure compliance, we provided Lakes Bathrooms with a data management service, Data Insights, which allowed the business to outsource their submission process.

The Data Insights Team were responsible for specifying, collecting and calculating the 2011 submission and ensuring that Lakes Bathroom’s data was ‘as accurate as reasonably possible’

The tailored service provided was as follows:

  • Full compliance review, including site tour, discussion of the company’s obligated business activities and an examination of any spreadsheets or reports previously used
    Identification of the raw data required in order to complete the data submission
    Extensive data collection and analysis
    Weighing exercise at the company’s site to gather packaging weights
    Comprehensive population of the data submission form
    Verification of the data and submission to the Environment Agency in a timely and accurate fashion
    Final report detailing the methodology for data collection and calculation


By outsourcing the packaging data submission process to our Data Insights Team, Lakes Bathrooms Ltd benefited from:

staff time saving and resources, whilst ensuring the business was fully compliant
a reduced packaging obligation, which resulted in cost savings
a full audit trail, which detailed the methodology for data collection and calculation
recommended actions to further improve accuracy for future packaging data submissions
passing Environment Agency audit in July 2011

Valpak is accurate, professional and a clear expert in its field. The overall quality of the service we receive is excellent and very competitively priced. Valpak’s experience gives Lakes Bathrooms peace of mind that we are fully compliant with these very important legal requirements. We appreciate the good customer service we receive – we trust Valpak and so far they have totally delivered.

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