Providing packaging compliance and data insights for Bodycare

Bodycare has around 6,000 product lines, meaning the collation of weights is a lengthy process, and a high level of precision and knowledge is vital to make their submission as accurate as reasonably possible.


Bodycare has fully outsourced the administrative burden of both collating and submitting their packaging waste data to Valpak.

Valpak has used a variety of techniques to assist with Bodycare’s packaging data submission and to make it as accurate as possible, such as:

  • acquiring weights directly from suppliers for a range of products
  • carrying out weighing days for more product information, particularly for the products that contribute the highest obligation
  • identifying an efficient, personalised methodology that highlights solutions to functional issues such as the reuse of product codes
  • using multiple, thorough quality checks to ensure accuracy
  • liaising directly with the Environment Agency to make the submission on time
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Bodycare has observed multiple advantages to allowing Valpak to assist them with their packaging waste submission:

  • A complete, detailed audit trail gives visibility to how their obligation is calculated
  • Confidentiality and safety of sensitive data
  • Custom built software
  • Significant savings of time, cost and resource
  • Availability of technical advice and a dedicated account manager

Overall, Valpak has efficiently taken Bodycare’s submission from raw sales data to an accurate obligation to provide to the Environment Agency.

Valpak has allowed us to concentrate on our core business by outsourcing the administrative burden of our packaging submission. Not only have they provided fantastic customer service throughout the process, but they have given us the peace of mind that our submission is accurate and in good hands. We have found both their Compliance and Data Insights service to be cost-effective, time-saving and most importantly, our dedicated account manager is available for any queries we might have during the