Reducing the burden of packaging compliance for Aramark

Aramark has thousands of individual product lines. Gathering and analysing data for these product lines in order to comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations is a huge undertaking and requires in-depth knowledge and technical expertise as well as a considerable amount of resource.


In order to ensure they were compliant and reduce the administrative burden of completing the packaging data submission, Aramark turned to Valpak’s Data Management Services for help.

Valpak undertook the following activities to assist Aramark with their data submission:

  • Identification of raw data required to produce the data submission
  • Extensive data collection and analysis
  • Reported the data submission to the Environment Agency by the required regulatory deadline
Data Management

Aramark achieved a number of benefits as a result of outsourcing their data submission to Valpak, including:

  • peace of mind they are fully compliant
  • substantial staff time and resource savings
  • a full audit trail of how their data has been calculated so that they are fully prepared for any Environment Agency audits

Outsourcing the packaging data submission also means that Aramark can continue to focus on their core business with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations.

Compliance with Packaging Waste Regulations is vital to our business. Customised support and expert advice enables us to handle our obligations in an efficient and accurate manner.