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How we helped AMG Superalloys UK to comply with the Modern Slavery Act

Based in Rotherham, AMG Superalloys UK is a leading provider of metals, alloys and materials for energy, aerospace, infrastructure and specialty metals and chemicals end markets.


Following the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act in 2015, AMG Superalloys UK identified the need to respond to Section 54 of the Act, regarding transparency in supply chains.

As part of the global group “AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.”, AMG Superalloys UK had an existing Supplier Conduct Charter that addresses the issue of modern slavery in the supply chain. The company saw the introduction of the Act as an opportunity to be proactive, and raise the profile of the commitments with their suppliers that had already been established by their charter.

AMG Superalloys UK also has an existing programme of supplier evaluation, which has helped them to build strong relationships with suppliers. However, the company wished to gauge their supplier performance in relation to their charter; specifically in relation to the issue of modern slavery.

Data Management

AMG Superalloys UK appointed Valpak to carry out a supplier evaluation exercise.

In partnership with Sancroft International, a sustainability consultancy with expertise in responsible sourcing, an online questionnaire was developed and sent out to some of AMG’s key suppliers. Each question addressed an element of modern slavery; upon receiving the responses, Sancroft produced a risk rating, which is used to allocate each supplier an overall risk score. The questionnaire collects supporting evidence to supplement the suppliers’ responses, providing AMG Superalloys UK with total confidence in the evaluation process.

With over 18 years’ experience collecting, collating and interpreting data from suppliers, Valpak’s Data Management team were able to engage with AMG’s supply chain on behalf of the company, ensuring that each supplier understood every request and could provide the relevant information, along with accompanying evidence.

Sancroft then reviewed the evidence provided by each company and identified whether any further action was required to improve supplier performance and reduce risk.


Access to Valpak’s easy-to-use online Insight Platform was undoubtedly one of the most important benefits for AMG Superalloys UK in this process.

The supplier responses are all clearly collated and displayed on the Platform, and AMG are able to access it at any time to view the individual responses of suppliers.

The Platform also allows the company to filter their suppliers by risk rating, product category and location, making it easy to focus in on specific suppliers – in particular those with a higher risk rating. Using this information, AMG Superalloys UK can effectively target and prioritise action to improve performance in relation to key elements of their charter.

Through the Insight Platform, Valpak has provided us with an effective way to gain a clearer picture of our supplier performance on the issue of modern slavery. While the application of the risk rating has given us a structured approach through which to engage with our suppliers and to work with them on this complex issue.

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