Products in Scope

On 2 January 2013 the UK RoHS Regulations were amended to bring into scope medical devices and monitoring and control instruments. The following list provides examples of the types of products that will be coming into scope from July 22 2014.

Category 8, medical devices, products in scope

  • Intravenous drug infusion pumps
  • Ventilators
  • Defibrillators
  • Pacemakers
  • Hearing aids
  • Surgical microscopes
  • Hospital beds that rely on electricity for their main function
  • Electrical surgical tools (saws etc)
  • Medical lasers
  • ECG
  • Anaesthesia equipment
  • Operating theatre equipment
  • Dental equipment
  • Blood pressure meters (consumer types and professional types)
  • Blood analysers, e.g. cholesterol, sugar (consumer types and professional types)
  • Self-test kits – electrical types (consumer and professional types)
  • Oxygen analysers (respiration monitors)
  • Immunoassay analysers (IVD)
  • Endoscopes
  • Ultrasounds
  • CT scanners
  • PET
  • X-ray imaging
  • Medical thermometers
  • Dialysis equipment
  • Medical freezers
  • Gamma cameras

‘Medical’ devices that require clarification in terms of scope:

  • Proton therapy facility including particle accelerators
  • Veterinary products
  • Hospital beds that are not dependent on electricity

Category 9, monitoring and control instruments, products in scope:

  • Voltmeters, ammeters etc – not used as components within other products
  • X-ray imager for luggage (except those used for national security)
  • X-ray imager for examination of internal parts of products
  • Spectrum analysers
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Network cable testers
  • Semiconductor parameter testers
  • Signal generators
  • Waveform monitors
  • Optical power meters
  • Roadside traffic warning beacons
  • Battery powered smoke detectors (used in households)
  • Battery powered thermostats (used in households)
  • Carbon monoxide detectors (used in households)
  • Weighing equipment except for households
  • Chemical analysis equipment such as spectrometers
  • Light meters
  • PH and conductivity meters
  • Chromatograph for chemical analysis
  • Equipment for calibration of other products
  • Portable digital thermometers
  • Surveying instruments

Monitoring and control instruments that require clarification in terms of scope:

  • Smoke detectors as part of alarm system installed in building
  • Household scales (included in category 1)
  • Burglar alarm systems installed in buildings
  • Equipment used to prepare samples for analysis such as grinding equipment, mixers, extraction systems
  • Laboratory ovens
  • Laboratory centrifuges
  • Other laboratory equipment such as ultrasonic cleaners, fume hoods, distillation equipment, heating equipment
  • Preparative chromatographs
  • Petrol pumps
  • Some types of CCTV monitoring equipment

If you manufacture, import or distribute any of these products, please contact us for information on how we can help you comply with the RoHS Regulations.