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Why should ESOS be on your radar?

Liz Minshall, Environmental Compliance Consultant
Aug 08, 2017

Every day I seem to be getting new reports of the Environment Agency (EA) encouraging businesses to put in place measures to prepare for the next compliance deadline for ESOS. And although the next notification date of 5 December 2019 seems a long way off, I’d agree with them. 

If you know that you are going to need to comply and particularly if you’ve got multiple of sites or processes to audit, or want to put in place ISO 50001, by starting now you can spread out the workload, and potentially cost of compliance.

Although you might not be able to identify your total energy consumption yet, (this has to be a 12 month period covering the 31 December 2018) you will probably have a good idea what your significant energy is, so you can put an audit plan in place.  This plan could look to audit different processes or sites over the next 18 months ensuring early compliance - avoiding the rush to complete the notification date and potentially increasing costs of Lead Assessors and auditors as demand increases when we get closer to the notification date.

The other issue being brought up again is that of non-compliance with phase one of ESOS,  The EA estimates around 1,500 organisations still haven’t complied that it believes should have. 

Until recently, the EA seem to have taken a fairly lenient approach, focusing on issuing enforcement notices; with 300 served so far and with more to follow according to the EA. Here at Valpak, we have recently assisted a number of organisations, who have become aware that they need to take action to successfully meet the requirements of ESOS within the enforcement notice period.  This is a good move to make, as the EA have announced that they have now taken the step of issuing civil penalty proceedings against 34 non-compliant organisations.

So the message is clear, if you’re at all uncertain whether you should have complied with ESOS in phase one now is the time to double check.  If you do discover that your organisation should have complied, make sure you take action straight away.

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