ESOS Rebate

Our partner, ENERGYbubble can help you reduce Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) compliance costs whilst maximising energy savings opportunities...

By taking our ESOS Rebate Solution you can avoid carbon compliance costs and reduce energy expenditure without any investment.


Via our partner, ENERGYbubble we are now offering Valpak ESOS customers a unique way of accessing significant energy savings opportunities by joining our commercial energy buying group.

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By grouping together your energy spend with ENERGYbubble’s other business customers, you can obtain energy tariffs that are significantly less than any other contract renewal offers, available directly from the energy suppliers or from the broker market.

By combining energy management savings identified by us (c 10%) plus procurement savings identified by ENERGYbubble’s sophisticated procurement model (c.15 %), you can expose around 25% of overall energy savings opportunities for your business.

Businesses that qualify will also receive up to a 100% rebate to cover the costs of their ESOS. ENERGYbubble retains over 25 years of experience in procuring business energy contracts and managing carbon compliance for some of the UK’s largest consumers. There is no outlay, risk, or additional effort to explore your ESOS rebate, all they require is the authority to allow us to share your bills with them so they can qualify your ESOS rebates and procurement improvements.

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  • When you request an ESOS quote from us, we will ask you if we can share your energy data with ENERGYbubble
  • ENERGYbubble will then create a complimentary Energy Strategy Review that examines the performance of your current energy procurement model against our buying group options
  • If you are satisfied with the savings identified by the Energy Strategy Review, they will welcome you into ENERGYbubble’s buying group
  • By joining ENERGYbubble’s energy buying group you will qualify for your ESOS Rebate, whereby ENERGYbubble pays up to 100% of the costs of your ESOS Phase 3 compliance service
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Why choose ENERGYbubble?

  • Access professional energy procurement expertise from the industry’s most experienced buyers
  • Access supplier offers that are only available to very high-energy users
  • Avoid expensive supplier risk premiums that are in smaller gas and electricity supply contracts
  • Complimentary Energy Strategy Review report provides due diligence against your current energy strategy
  • Benefit from a £25m aggregated volume pricing advantage
  • Future proof your business – Protect your business with our bubble

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