The Green Dot Symbol

We are the UK Green Dot Licensing Company

European legislation places the responsibility for the recovery and recycling of packaging waste onto companies that handle packaging. Many European countries have adopted the Green Dot system - whereby obligated companies use the Green Dot symbol to prove they have complied with packaging waste legislation.

Green Dot Symbol 

What is the Green Dot?

In some countries the Green Dot is a mandatory trademark, which means the first business to place packaging onto the market must pay a licence fee.

The UK Green Dot licence does not cover use of the Green Dot in other countries. If you display the Green Dot on packaging exported to other countries you may need to pay a licence fee in each country. Our International Compliance Team can help.

Who needs a UK licence?

Packaging placed onto the UK market, which displays the Green Dot symbol, must be licensed.

It is not mandatory to display the Green Dot on packaging in the UK because we currently use the PRN system to help recover and recycle packaging waste. However, if a business exports to other European countries it may be required to display the Green Dot on its packaging to demonstrate compliance.

Many organisations choose to purchase a UK Green Dot licence so they are not burdened with the time and costs of printing two sets of packaging i.e. one without the Green Dot for the UK and another with the Green Dot for goods exported.

How much is a UK licence?

If your company is registered in the UK and is a full member of Valpak’s Packaging, WEEE or Batteries compliance schemes it can use the Green Dot symbol in the UK for free (this does not include small WEEE/ battery customers). All we ask is you let us know you are using the Green Dot symbol, agree to the Terms and Conditions and provide us with basic information on the types of packaging the Green Dot is displayed on.

Members of our “Small WEEE” and “Small Batteries” services and non-Valpak companies must purchase a licence separately. The current licence fee is £295 (excl. VAT).

Licences for other countries

Our International Compliance Team helps businesses comply with producer responsibility legislation in other countries and can also obtain Green Dot licences on their behalf.

If you require a Green Dot licence for packaging that you export it is likely you also need to comply with each country’s respective producer responsibility legislation.

Find out more by visiting our International Compliance web page or by calling 03450 682 572

Apply for a licence

To apply for a licence or to find out more about the Green Dot in the UK and other countries contact us today:

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