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Helping to improve waste handling

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Offset Print and Packaging take their corporate responsibilities seriously and partnered with Valpak to improve waste handling and environmental performance.


Of particular concern to Offset Print and Packaging was how they could improve their waste handling processes without the need for significant capital expenditure.

Offset Print and Packaging worked closely with their Valpak Recycling Account Manager to identify areas for improvement that would provide the greatest benefits to the waste handling operation on site identified potential cost-cutting

Over a number of visits it was identified that particular improvements could be made to reduce the double handling of waste paper as well as modernise the baling equipment used on site to handle plastic film.

Valpak Recycling was able to work with our network of suppliers to design and build a number of colour-coded “drop bottom” bins which allowed site to easily collect waste from where it was produced, move it to a central bulking location and empty the bins, all without the need to manually handle the waste. Valpak Recycling was also able to install new baling equipment to allow for better handling of waste plastic film at the point where it is produced.

All of this equipment was initially funded by Valpak, with regular instalments paid back through the value of the recycling being collected from site.

The tailored service provided was as follows:

  • Regular meetings between the Account Manager and Offset Print and Packaging to identify areas of possible improvement
  • Identification of suitable solutions that would deliver real benefits on site
  • Design and commission of suitable equipment to deliver these benefits via Valpak’s network of partners
  • Funding provided by Valpak, with payments made through the value of recycling on site


By working with Valpak Recycling, Offset Print and Packaging has been able to realise a number of benefits to their processes:

  • Saving staff time and resources
  • Additional revenue generation from materials
  • No upfront costs
  • Improved Health and Safety performance by removing need to double-handle material
  • Equipment provided in Offset Print and Packaging’s preferred colour palate

Offset Print and Packaging continue to work with Valpak Recycling to identify and implement further improvements to the waste operation. We pride ourselves on working closely with all of our customers to implement improvements that deliver real benefits on the ground.

When it comes to waste and recycling, there are many companies that promise the Earth, but Valpak Recycling actually delivers on those promises. The work we have done with Valpak has made a significant difference to our business.

Offset Print & Packaging