Helping Epson Telford to Achieve Zero Waste to Landfill certification

Epson’s activities are guided by their “Environmental Vision 2050” in which they have committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% across the lifecycle of all products and services by the year 2050.

Zero Waste to Landfill Logo

We assisted Epson with the management and delivery of a large element of their zero waste achievement and tackled materials such as polystyrene, hard plastics and rubber.

Some of the activities that we carried out included:

  • a full audit of all materials entering and exiting the site
  • a clear plan to reduce, reuse and recycle materials wherever practical and cost effective
  • setting of waste management targets
  • development of a communications strategy with staff and suppliers
  • close working relationship with contractors to deliver an effective and efficient service
Landfill and Tree

We conducted a full site audit to review waste management practices and then confirmed that Epson’s Zero Waste to Landfill objective had been achieved.

The work means that Epson has become the first company to be awarded the new certification, setting the benchmark for other companies in the industry.

Epson now hold a certificate to recognise the achievement, which will stand for 12 months until they are reassessed in 2013.

Valpak’s services have contributed to the project and have audited and approved our achievement of zero waste to landfill

Epson Telford