Direct Wines

Helping Direct Wines achieve best service and best value for their materials

In 2008, Direct Wines identified a need to improve the service received from their waste management provider. They were not getting the best service or achieving best value with their recycling and waste management activities.


Direct Wines asked us to provide a total waste management service. This involved designing a collection schedule to incorporate card and plastic collections, along with mixed recycling, general waste, wood and glass collections.

The first thing we did was look at the current process used at Direct Wine’s distribution centre and streamline them to maximum efficiency.

In early 2010, a new baler was installed, which enabled the plastic film from site to be baled into mill size bales. This saved on extra vehicle movements and rebaling costs, and also ensured that we had maximum weights achieved on a container load. We also worked together to upgrade their plastic film to a better quality. This was achieved through additional sorting at source and has further increased revenues.

Changes to working practices included:

  • card exported directly from their site, thus cutting out unnecessary costs in transport and handling
  • modification of loading bays so that they could accommodate a high cube card container
  • a new loading configuration for their card bales to ensure that the maximum pay load could be placed into the container

With the above methods in place, Direct Wines are now loading 500 tonnes of card directly into shipping containers each year.

In addition to this, we helped Direct Wines to reduce their packaging waste compliance costs via our Members’ Compliance Evidence Policy (MCEP) service. This service allows obligated organisations to offset some of their obligation under the Packaging Waste Regulations using their own recycling activity. This closed loop system has been key to the success of the service we provide.


Through switching to Valpak Recycling, Direct Wines managed to simplify the process of waste management, whilst driving down cost and increasing revenues. Regular account management meetings identify the next steps in Direct Wines’ objective to reduce landfill waste and ensure continued satisfaction in the service.

Furthermore, Direct Wines utilise our expertise in the field of recycling and waste management by sending us queries relating to packaging, waste and recycling. Early in 2010, Direct Wines were looking at ways to reduce the cost of compliance in glass. Our Consultancy Team shared their expertise in the field of light weighting, which has kick-started a project to source lighter packaging from suppliers across the supply chain.

We continue to work in partnership with Direct Wines to reduce the amount of waste which goes directly to landfill through waste auditing and looking at new end markets.