Zero waste to landfill certification: Frequently asked questions

If your business is looking to achieve zero waste to landfill certification and you're not sure where to start you may wish to read Holly Smithson's latest Blog, which provides answers to some frequently asked questions.


If the idea of obtaining zero waste to landfill certification for your company seems a bit daunting, fear not, Valpak can help! I have provided answers to some most frequently asked questions below, but if your question hasn’t been answered, or if you would like to chat through your business’s requirements, do not hesitate to give us a call on 03450 682 572 or email [email protected]


What is zero waste to landfill?

Zero waste to landfill is a process where businesses and organisations have moved all the waste that they generate away from landfill to alternative treatment processes further up the waste hierarchy.

How do I know if we are already achieving zero waste to landfill?

Many companies think they are zero waste to landfill but aren’t completely sure. It is important to have a clear audit trail to show where your waste goes and what happens to it. Most waste contractors will be happy to tell you exactly how your waste is treated. If you have any queries, Valpak will be happy to offer guidance.

What information do I need to show what is happening to my waste?

During the audit, you need to demonstrate that all waste is being diverted from landfill. We will need to see documentation outlining the type and amount of waste produced per site, who has collected it and who has treated it. We also require waste compliance documentation such as waste collection paperwork, waste carriers’ licence, permits and exemptions.

In addition to waste collection data, we will also need to see evidence that the contractor is diverting all waste from landfill. Most often, this is an email confirmation stating the exact waste treatment process i.e. whether the waste is reused, recycled (what into) or recovered. With any recovered waste including energy from waste incineration, the contractor needs to confirm what happens to the incinerator bottom ash.

How much evidence will you need?

We require at least one piece of evidence per waste steam, per contractor for each site. We will always tell you what information you need prior to the audit.

How long does certification take?

For one site, the process usually takes 2 – 3 days. This will increase if more sites need to be included. Timeframes can also vary on how much information a site has gathered for the audit. The more information the better!

How long does certification last?

The zero waste to landfill certification lasts for two years.

For examples of how we have helped other businesses to achieve zero waste to landfill certification, visit our case studies page.


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