Unwavering customer service during the 2020 pandemic

The results of our 2020 customer satisfaction survey are in. Ruth Beckley's Blog discusses the fantastic results and continued first class service provision despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first quarter at Valpak is always the busiest time for our staff. During this period, we help thousands of customers to complete their packaging data submissions, and each and every one receives one to one support, multiple times, to help them through the process.

In March 2020, right in the middle of submission crunch time, we had to shut the offices and mobilise a workforce to continue taking care of our customers from home with no disruption.


Helping our customers from home

In an unprecedented year, we had to adjust quickly, and our staff rose to the challenge. Despite being so far apart we were bonded together by our customers’ needs. With all the difficulty and the challenges faced by multiple businesses, the team at Valpak were inspired by those that persisted to help and do good, and they continued to strive to give the best service they could. Valpak is known for its outstanding customer service and this was one thing not to be changed in the rapidly changing environment.

Maintained service provision

In 2020, we continued to provide the best value, services, and attention to our customers. We carried on working with our customers, the Government, and our partners in industry to increase recycling, whether that was through providing insights using our data or through innovative projects and campaigns. I am very happy to say that these efforts have been highly valued by our customers ,as reflected in our recent customer survey for 2020.

High level of customer satisfaction

Our overall customer satisfaction is 98.8%, up by 0.2% from 2019, with 61% of our customers saying that they are highly satisfied. We are extremely thankful to our staff for their hard work and to our customers for this recognition.

What our customers value

According to our customers, they value the helpfulness, professionalism and expertise of our staff. They believe that we save their businesses staff resource, time and money. They also value the benefits that they get as members, such as our webinar programme, guidance and updates of the regulations.

2021 goals

In 2021, we will continue to help businesses to become more sustainable by being a caring, respectful and trustworthy partner. We will provide guidance on not just current regulations, but will also help our customers to prepare for upcoming Packaging Legislation changes, including the Plastic Packaging TaxDeposit Return Scheme and Extended Producer Responsibility. We will persistently deliver high standard services that our customers deserve. We look forward to supporting our contacts from each business we work with and welcoming new customers into our community.


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