Carbon Management

We have a team of qualified carbon experts that have worked on numerous projects within all sectors

With the introduction of mandatory carbon reporting legislation in the UK and increasing corporate social responsibility (CSR) pressures, carbon measurement, reporting and reduction is fast becoming a strategic priority for many organisations.


What is Carbon Management?


Carbon management is centered around the measurement, management and mitigation of the six greenhouse gases (GHGs) covered by the Kyoto Protocol.

Typical activities involved in carbon management include:

  • define objectives i.e. reduce organisational carbon footprint, product carbon footprint etc.
  • define scope of measurement i.e. direct emissions, indirect emissions or both
  • collection of carbon footprint data from your organisation and your supply
  • detailed analysis of data collected to identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions
  • setting targets for carbon reduction
  • raising employee awareness
  • reviewing progress against targets and making continuous improvements
  • offsetting your carbon emissions

What are the benefits of Carbon Management?

  • On-going cost savings
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Illustrate sustainability of your products
  • Positive PR opportunities
  • Certification to carbon standards such as PAS 2060, ISO 14064
  • Ensures compliance with existing legislation
  • Ensures you are prepared for future carbon legislation

How Valpak can help

Effective carbon management is a complicated process requiring an in depth understanding of carbon accounting standards, large quantities of data and complex supply chains and life cycles. We have a team of qualified carbon experts that have worked on numerous projects within all sectors i.e. public, private and government meaning you’ll get access to expert help and advice.

We have a range of services, which can tailored to support your requirements, including:

  • organisational and product carbon footprint
  • organisational and product life cycle assessments
  • carbon footprinting to PAS 2050 standards
  • carbon footprint audits
  • achieve carbon neutral status to PAS 2060 standards
  • carbon reduction advice and plans
  • support with Climate Change Agreements
  • support with Mandatory GHG reporting
  • obtaining carbon standards such as ISO 14064, WRI/WBC SD standards
  • training courses and staff awareness programmes

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