Sustainability Consultancy

Providing advice and support to help businesses understand their environmental impacts and achieve sustainability goals

Our team of sustainability consultants can provide your business with advice on the environmental impacts of its products, its services, and its entire organisation to develop options and guidance for moving to more environmentally sustainable practices.

Our key areas of expertise are in environmental impact assessment, energy and carbon management, packaging recycling and recyclability, product stewardship and associated compliance/legislation issues, such as REACH, RoHS, Modern Slavery and Energy. This enables us to offer a range of services to help businesses meet sustainability objectives.

Our services

Our services can help your business reduce its environmental impacts and become more sustainable.

We offer solutions for businesses that want to:

  • keep up to date with environmental legislation and discover opportunities for reducing environmental footprints in other countries - horizon scanning
  • look at packaging materials and recycling profiles to ensure best in class
  • undertake life cycle assessments (LCAs) to understand the environmental impacts of its products and packaging, and explore alternative options for its products and packaging
  • quantify their organisational carbon footprint, set science based targets for reducing the carbon footprint, and develop plans to achieve net zero carbon
  • monitor/measure energy usage, develop a reduction strategy, and comply with the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme
  • develop sustainability strategies and commitments to reduce environmental impacts via our Product Stewardship & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) service
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Why take action on environmental sustainability?

The planet and humanity is in a climate emergency, urgent actions are needed to move to sustainable pathways. Our services can help your business deliver the changes that are needed to become more environmentally sustainable based on actions guided by robust evidence and science.

Accelerating sustainability offers other business benefits too, for example:

  • Setting carbon reduction targets and committing to net zero carbon puts your business (and its supply chain) ahead of the curve giving it a competitive edge
  • Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of their product choices. Being a net zero carbon business is now becoming a critical factor. Businesses who move first are more likely to be successful
  • Investors are also looking closely at environmental policies and sustainability criteria and plans when making investment decisions
  • Government’s ambition and regulation on Climate Change continues to ratchet up. Setting science based targets and committing to carbon net zero carbon means your business is future proofed

How Valpak can help

Our sustainability consultants have helped a large number of businesses to develop and take action on environmental sustainability. These actions ensure they continue to reduce environmental impacts whilst meeting customer needs.

Our services can help your business reduce its environmental impacts and become more sustainable.  Get in touch.

"Valpak provided a high level LCA to compare the environmental impacts of the new and the old packaging for Football Manager 2020 on PC for SEGA. They helped facilitate the data collection from our suppliers to carry this out, and provided a concise report back to the business so we could fully understand the carbon and water impacts of both packaging options. They were a very professional and personable company to deal with, on hand on email and by phone to support the brief and wider project. The report has since been shared with other various industry bodies and had really positive feedback."

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