Retail Without Borders 2020 – International compliance solutions

At the end of February, Laura Rimmer, Valpak International Compliance Manager, was invited to be on a panel to discuss "Embedding Compliance in Business Operations" at Retail Without Borders, Europe's largest online marketplace conference. In her latest Blog, she talks about the insights she gained.

Following the success of previous events, Retail Without Borders returned to the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London this year, but this time with a two-day fully packed events programme.

The event was attended by industry leaders and a range of companies looking to expand their businesses.

Day one started with a very engaging presentation delivered by Gerald Ratner, the former Chief Executive of the Ratners Group, taking us through his successes and the challenges he has faced throughout his incredible career so far, with some brilliant advice to budding entrepreneurs and humorous anecdotes.

Embedding compliance in business operations

Valpak was again invited to participate in a panel discussion – “Embedding Compliance in Business Operations”, to discuss how to establish compliance within the day to day running of a company. The panel brought together experts from GS1 UK and ShieldPay and we covered a range of topics from financial compliance, compliance with environmental regulations and compliance with voluntary standards across the globe.

The panel was hosted by We Are Pentagon Group, the event organisers, allowing us to explain why compliance is important and how it can be incorporated into daily operations within a business. Making compliance engaging and not seen as an inhibitor or burden to a business was an interesting talking point and educating industry colleagues of the importance and relevance of compliance was deemed key to getting everyone on board.

Valpak’s place within the industry

Throughout the two days, those attending the event came to visit the Valpak stand and were keen to learn about Valpak’s place within the industry, and what services we could offer to businesses to assist with their compliance needs. Visitors varied from established companies to new businesses taking their first steps into compliance and establishing how they need to comply with a range of environmental regulations.

Insight into business challenges

The event was incredibly successful and provided us with an insight into the challenges many companies face when trying to navigate the world of compliance and how we can help them to establish, understand and comply with the various requirements.

Valpak International Compliance service

If you think your business has international compliance obligations and you are looking to outsource the compliance process, our International Compliance Team can help. We have over 8 years of experience scoping products across the world and can make the process easier by taking on the administrative burden of declaring data submissions.

If you are unsure if your business has international compliance obligations or would like to find out more about how we can help, please get in touch with one of our environmental compliance advisors today or request a copy of our International Compliance brochure.

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