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Key amendments to Cypriot waste legislation

Ellena Boote
Nov 07, 2021


So far 2021 has seen many EU Member States making changes to waste regulations. Valpak’s International Account Manager, Ellena Boote, looks at the key amendments in the Cypriot legislation.

Green Dot

Since 2019, when Portugal and Greece removed the mandatory Green Dot labelling requirement from its national law, the trademark symbol has only been compulsory on primary packaging placed onto the market in Spain and Cyprus. However, as of 11 May 2021 the printing of the Green Dot on primary packaging in Cyprus is voluntary.

This means that companies that are obligated for packaging compliance in Cyprus can now choose whether to print the Green Dot trademark or not. While no longer mandatory, the Green Dot can still be applied to packaging if the manufacturers or producers are licensed with the Green Dot system.

One benefit to printing the Green Dot on packaging in countries where the symbol is voluntary is that this would allow companies to limit packaging to one print run and remain compliant if they place packaging onto the Spanish market.

The Green Dot is also widely used on the continent as a commercial tool to show consumers that the producer takes the recovery and recycling of its packaging seriously and is promoting itself as more environmentally conscious.

Who will this change affect?

The changes to the Green Dot requirements will affect manufacturers and producers who import household packaged products onto the Cypriot market.

Manufacturers that are already signed up to the Green Dot system can remain as members and retain the benefits of the scheme.

It is important to note that companies with a physical presence in Cyprus or those placing products onto the market via distance selling methods remain obligated for packaging compliance.

Plastic Tax and the Single-Use Plastics Ban

The Cypriot Government is also yet to release details on whether it plans to pass the cost of the EU Plastics Levy onto producers as a tax.

In July 2018 thin plastic bags with a wall thickness below 50 microns (mm) were no longer given away for free in shops, and instead were charged at 5.95c per bag. This tax lowered plastic bag uses by 80% in Cyprus. However, the cabinet has now approved a change to the packaging law to ban disposable plastic carrier bags outright. The new regulations will enter into force once passed by the House.

The sole exemption from the tax covers very lightweight plastic carrier bags with a wall thickness below 15 mm, which are used for primary packaging of loose food and for hygiene purposes.

Valpak International Compliance Service

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