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2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey results are in

Ruth Beckley
Mar 30, 2020


In 2019, the PRN market faced several challenges as some material prices saw unprecedented increases. During that time, we increased customer communications and used a variety of channels to ensure that they were up to date with and well versed on developments. In addition, we ensured that we continued to deliver the great service our customers had grown to trust and depend on.

Valpak Customer Charter

The Valpak Customer Charter, which is embedded within our business’s culture, ensures that the service we provide goes beyond compliance, which means that we aim to look after current and future customer interests – We are driven by tomorrow. Visit our Projects and Partnerships web page to find out more.

Customer Charter 2019

Survey results

We are delighted that 98% of our customers are satisfied or highly satisfied with our service and this year we have seen an increase of 2% of those that are highly satisfied. Consistently high customer satisfaction results are something that Valpak staff are very proud of and our customers continue to value.

Continually making improvements

Each year the business evaluates and takes on board suggestions from customers, staff and other stakeholders.

Everyone at Valpak is accountable for improving processes and the annual survey is an important part of that process, as it highlights areas that require development. The insights gained are a vital, as they help us to refine our services and improve how they’re delivered.

Key Valpak service benefits

Listed below are just some things Valpak customers perceive to be our key strengths:

Has a strong brand name that you can trust

Offers you good customer support

Is reliable

Does the things they promise to do

Provides good market updates

Provides products and services tailored to your needs

Provides high quality products and services

Next steps

We welcome all comments. If you’re a Valpak customer and would like to provide feedback, please don’t hesitate to speak to your account manager or email one of our environmental compliance advisors at

Our customers have access to many added value services at no extra cost. If you are not a Valpak customer and your current provider does not offer such benefits, please contact us to find out more.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who took part in our survey. Your comments have helped us gain a better understanding of your Valpak experience and will enable us to continue to improve our products and services.


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