Packaging Recycling Labelling

Valpak has partnered with OPRL to help ensure that packaging is easily
recyclable and clearly labelled to engage consumers in recycling

OPRL has developed a range of tools to support members with design and production of recyclable packaging, and to engage consumers in recycling it effectively

OPRL Recycling Label 

Partnership benefits

OPRL is using Valpak data to strengthen its services for packaging producers and to encourage consumer participation in recycling.

By ensuring that packaging reviews are underpinned by accurate data and analysis, Valpak and OPRL can give the best – and consistent – advice on improving recyclability across a member’s packaging range.

The new alliance also means that Valpak members will be able to access a fully aligned service on the recyclability and labelling of their packaging within Valpak’s Insight Platform.

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New consumer recycling app

We are also supporting OPRL’s new recycling app initiative, which was launched as part of the #LeedsByExample project led by the recycling charity Hubbub, through the inclusion of our bring site location database; therefore, contributing to boosting consumer engagement in recycling.

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We are constantly looking for ways to add value to our membership and this new alliance with Valpak is the latest drive to achieve this.

Jane Bevis, Chair of OPRL Ltd

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