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WEEE Consultations 

In December 2018, Defra published the awaited Resources and Waste Strategy “Our Waste; Our Resources: A Strategy for England”, which contained a number of new policies. The document included commitments to review the Packaging System, the WEEE Regulations (consultation expected early 2020) and Batteries legislation (consultation expected mid-2020) as well as a number of other topics. Further information can be found on our Resources and Waste Strategy page.

Consultations provide stakeholders with the opportunity to engage, input and shape policy decisions at an early stages of policy-making. They often present several options (may or may not offer a preferred option) on which feedback is requested.


The consultation is open for response. Stakeholders are able to provide their feedback. Please see the consultation page for more details on how to send your feedback.


The consultation has closed for feedback and policy or regulatory decisions have been made and implemented.

Awaiting Outcome

The consultation has closed for responses and we are awaiting decisions from the consulting body.


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Awaiting outcome

WEEE Regulations 'EPR' Reform

Status: Initial proposals expected early 2022

Scope: UK-wide

Proposed start date: Currently looking at implementation in 2024

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It is hoped that reforming these Regulations will help to drive sustainable design decisions and will make it easier for consumers to make more sustainable choices.