Charity partnership litter pick

Valpak's 2022 nationwide litter pick will aim to deliver both ecological and community benefits. Lucy Randle explains more in her latest Blog...

In the summer of 2022, Valpak will be organising a litter pick in partnership with environmental charities. We are already in discussion with a few charities and will spend the next few months reaching out to others to see if they would like to get involved.


The aim of this litter pick is to collect data on litter collected and deliver an outcome with both ecological and community benefits, in terms of recycling litter that would otherwise be landfilled or remain where it is. We will also create educational resources, such as newsletters and a pamphlet, to demonstrate the impact of littering, with proportions of recyclable litter and types of litter.

We plan to use our EPIC packaging and product weights database for post-pick analysis to collect as much information about the litter collected as possible, assigning values (where possible) to each piece such as recyclability and weight.

We are planning to organise litter picks in several locations across the nation to increase coverage, and already plan to work in Coventry, Stratford-upon-Avon, Southampton, Birmingham, and Scotland.

The litter picks will take place on a weekend, to enable Valpak staff to bring family and friends along, and to ensure that all those who want to get involved will be able to. We hope that this will create an opportunity to help recycle discarded packaging, while simultaneously reuniting people that have spent a long period of time isolated from one another.

Celebrating Recycle Week 2021

To celebrate Recycle Week 2021 – “Step it Up”, Valpak staff are carrying out a mini version of this litter pick on Friday 24 September in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Staff volunteers will collect litter on sites in Stratford-upon-Avon, collect information about what they pick up, and recycle anything that can be recycled.

Keep an eye on Valpak’s social media profiles for updates.