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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) will see the full cost of collecting household waste shift from the taxpayer to producers, in the hope of delivering a more circular economy for packaging where greater quantities of recyclable waste are reprocessed into valuable, high-quality secondary resources.

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What will EPR mean to affected businesses?

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a new piece of UK legislation, which will be coming into force in 2023. It is a reform of the existing UK Packaging Waste Regulations.

Obligated businesses should be aware of the following key points:

  • Producers will have an increased financial incentive to use packaging that is widely collected from householders for recycling, as well as to increase recycled content in packaging
  • Additional data will need to be collected and reported
  • Data reporting requirements will become more complex
  • Introduction of *modulated fees could see producer compliance costs increase
  • Reporting will need to be completed and aggregates for sales made in each of the devolved administrations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

For a more detailed explanation of how Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging will work and what it might mean for your business, request a copy of our white paper.


*Modulated fees - The contributions liable businesses will be obligated to pay into the reformed system will increase or decrease depending on the recyclability of the packaging they place onto the market. Those using difficult to recycle, not recycled or unrecyclable packaging, will likely see higher costs associated with complying with the reformed Packaging Waste Regulations.

Valpak EPR Ready service

EPR reporting will begin in 2023, based on a business's 2022 data. If you are affected, it is imperative to act now to ensure there is visibility of packaging material flows and of materials used within the business. It is also important to make yourself aware of which materials are cost and / or environmentally efficient, as doing so will help to ensure that additional costs to your business are kept to a minimum.

We can provide the following services to help ensure your business is in the best possible position ahead of the implementation of this new legislation:

  • Free EPR clinics
  • Free, high level cost implication assessment
  • Detailed EPR assessment, to include cost modelling and benchmarking
  • Data collection service via Data Insights (where data is not sufficient)
  • Data visibility via the Valpak Insight Platform
  • Consultancy - A detailed look at assessment recommendations, end market research and advice on next steps

Our service is bespoke, which means we can offer as much or as little support as required. Contact us today!

Why Valpak?

Our 24 years’ experience means we not only have the data knowledge and systems in place to assist with the varying requirements of this legislation, but also the experience to handle compliance on our customers’ behalf.

We can also help with EPR internationally, where regulations already exist, via our International Compliance Service.

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Other legislation that could affect you

Extended Producer Responsibility is only one aspect of the legislation proposed under the packaging reform. Visit our Plastic Packaging Tax and Deposit Return Schemes pages for further information.


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