Educating Plastic Recycling Warriors

Pupils from Diss High School have been racing to recycle as they took part in a recycling relay and other games to find out what happens to recycled plastic.

The students competed in a game based on which plastics can and cannot be recycled at home.


They also learnt about the recycling process and the journey that plastics take from box or bin to the transformation into the flake or pellet used to make new products. Afterwards, Sylvia from Year 7 said, “I didn’t realise bottles with lids could be so easily recycled and make so many new things.”

Steve Gough, CEO of Valpak, said: “Plastics are on everyone’s mind at the moment, and these workshops do an amazing job at helping the children to understand how plastics are made, how to identify the different types, and to give them ideas on how to keep plastic packaging out of the natural environment by recycling. We have supplied a dedicated bin to collect plastic bottles, so the pupils can recycle easily at school.”

All Year 7 students took part in an assembly sponsored by environmental compliance firm Valpak, and delivered by RECOUP (RECycling of Used Plastics), a charity set up to advise packaging producers, users and recyclers on best practice. A group of Year 7 and Year 10 students also took part in follow-on workshops where they were able to gain a wider understanding of the recycling processes and why they are being asked to empty, squash and put the lid back on plastic bottles before recycling.

Mrs Glaister teacher said: “Our students really responded to the new recycling initiative at Diss High School. The enthusiasm following the assembly and workshops was clear to see, we appreciate the support given for recycling at Diss High School.”

Anne Hitch, Citizen & Stakeholder Engagement Manager, RECOUP, who led the workshops, added: “It was encouraging to have so many questions and so much input from the students – they were really keen to understand what happens to plastic packaging when recycled. We are delighted to be able to work with Valpak to deliver this message direct to young consumers and looking forward to seeing the results of the ongoing input by the student recycling ambassadors.”