Valpak by Reconomy to offer international compliance services to VANA members in new strategic partnership

Reconomy, the international circular economy specialist, announces an exciting new strategic partnership that brings together the number one data provider in the UK, Valpak, with the pre-eminent Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) in Denmark, VANA.

It comes alongside the introduction of new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations in Denmark, which came into force on 1 April 2024, requiring obligated producers to report planned packaging consumption.

Through the partnership, Valpak will offer VANA members its complete, end-to-end offering both for in-country compliance with Denmark regulations but also international compliance for multinational members as EPR requirements change and emerge rapidly across the world.

As part of its solution, Valpak will:

  • Collect supplier data from its Data Hub
  • Store and manage data within its internal product and packaging database to ease the burden of data management
  • Calculate EPR submissions on members’ behalf
  • Prepare data in the correct format for submission in line with country-specific EPR
  • Provide detailed insight into the packaging each business handles, helping to analyse packaging to reduce weights and improve design

VANA is a membership body founded and supported by Denmark’s largest trade and business organisations. Its members number up to 70% of the companies that are covered by the producer responsibility for packaging across all industries, thereby enabling the majority of impacted businesses to access Valpak’s services.

The compliance support and reporting services from Valpak are underpinned by a vast product database, containing over 50 million SKUs with unique packaging metrics, supported by 125 data experts to ensure efficient and accurate operations. Its customers typically achieve a minimum 30% increase in efficiency and cost savings.

Ruth Beckley, Director of Customer Service and Compliance at Valpak by Reconomy, said: “This is a ground-breaking partnership linking the largest data provider in the UK with a leading, national PRO. As producer responsibility legislation accelerates across the globe, this relationship sets an international, joined-up model for enabling businesses to meet their obligations. It is a collaboration that defines Valpak and Reconomy’s purpose – we combine technology, skills, and people to enable businesses to manage their resources better, reduce waste, optimise supply chains, and contribute towards the circular economy.”

Marianne Roed Jakobsen, CEO at VANA, said: “This partnership with Valpak will be critical in helping the VANA community comply with new reforms to the Danish Packaging Waste Regulations. As EPR schemes become increasingly prevalent globally, multinational members will also benefit from Valpak’s data management services in other countries. We are proud to partner with a business that shares our values and passion for the circular economy. Moreover, their capabilities are underpinned by the UK’s largest packaging and product database and technical experts with extensive knowledge of regulations in all 195 countries.”