PRN Purchase

Do you have PRNs to sell?

Valpak is the largest purchaser of PRNs (Packaging Recovery Notes) and PERNs (Packaging Export Recovery notes) in the UK. If you have any available for sale and wish to do so with no trading fees and safe, reliable agreements - please contact us.

At Valpak, we pride ourselves on working with our suppliers and can discuss a model that works for you when considering price, frequency and volume.

What are PRNs / PERNs?

Commonly only referred to as PRNs, these are evidence notes that can be raised by the recycling, recovery and export of packaging waste. When generated they are then sold on a per tonne basis. “Producers” of packaging waste must purchase a sufficient number of PRNs in order to offset their obligations, which are directly proportional to the scale of their activities. It is these producers who Valpak represents.

Much like any commodity, PRN pricing is based on a supply and demand model. In this case it largely depends on how the UK is performing against its recycling and recovery targets. The money resulting from PRN sales can then be use for investment in your own operations which, in turn, improves the UK’s waste infrastructure. This is the intention of the PRN system under the Packaging Waste Regulations.




When did it start?

The Packaging Waste Regulations and formation of the PRN market began in 1997. Valpak was also formed at this time and represents the buying requirements for thousands of Producer members. As such, we are the most established partner in the UK for those wishing to sell their PRNs.

How does it work?

Simply contact Valpak with your selling enquiry and we will do all we can to accommodate you. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and maintaining our supplier relationships. This is the reason why many have worked with us for over 20 years.

Who needs the service?

If you are newly licenced to issue PRNs or PERNs, thinking about doing so or have been trading for some time, Valpak is equally happy to partner with you.

Why Valpak?

Alongside attractive pricing, no fees and the trade security you are looking for, each of our suppliers also receives a dedicated and experienced account manager from our purchasing team; a person who will always be available to chat about your concerns and the market in general.

When working with us, you may also like to produce a case study for our members? They are always interested to know what their PRN funds are being used for and you can become a part of that good news story. Also, with exposure to thousands of Valpak members who have their own waste requirements it may be the gateway to your company’s next big client.

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