Compliance Services 

Compliance Services

Simple, Innovative Compliance Solutions

Compliance is when a business meets the requirements of a specific piece of legislation, which can be a complex and onerous task. In 1997 Valpak was formed by industry as a compliance scheme to help businesses meet requirements under the Packaging Waste Regulations. Since then Valpak has expanded and now supports businesses with other pieces of environmental legislation.

Producer responsibility legislation that may affect your business

If your business places certain products on the market in the UK it may be obligated under specific producer responsibility legislation. This means that it must take responsibility for the end-of-life waste management of certain products.

Three key areas of producer responsibility that may affect your business include the Packaging Waste, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Waste Batteries Directives.

The Government is making significant changes to the UK Packaging Waste Regulations. Visit our Packaging Legislation Reform page to find out more.

If your business operates overseas and places products onto markets outside of the UK, it may also have obligations under a variety of producer responsibility legislation. Visit our International Compliance page to find out more.

Can a company be penalised for breaking regulations?

Uncertainty that can surround business obligations, the burden of compliance, failure to comply and subsequent consequences of non-compliance can all have negative impacts on a business. Risks of non-compliance may include prosecution, heavy fines, negative PR and damage to brand reputation.

For businesses that are facing prosecution due to non compliance with the Packaging Waste Regulations Valpak can help. Visit our Civil Sanctions page to find out more.

How Valpak can help

Valpak has been providing simple and innovative compliance solutions to over 4,000 customers for over 24 years, and services range from fully outsourced solutions to help, advice and support with often complex data collection and reporting requirements.

"The support, tools and service from the team of experts at Valpak has been first class and a breath of fresh air both in terms of reporting, submissions and PRN purchasing. We look forward to many more years of building the partnership for the foreseeable future"

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