Turing Trust Partnership

Working with the Trust to source suitable equipment and provide free of charge equipment for testing and installation of software

The Turing Trust was set up by Alan Turing’s family to honour his legacy. Famed for his pioneering work in computer science, he also had a passion for helping others, sponsoring Jewish Refugee’s schooling during World War II. Today, the Turing Trust continues this important work by providing IT equipment and educational software to those who need it most.

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What do the Turing Trust do?

The Turing Trust aims to provide IT equipment and educational tools to those people who need it most. Working extensively in Africa, the Trust’s first 10 years of work has seen over 55,000 students across Africa gaining access to computers.

And why is this important? In 2015, only 3% of students in Malawi had access to a computer at school, and studies suggest that IT skills really help improve a student’s prospects. The Turing Trust’s partner schools have seen a 20% increase in the number of students attending University since they started teaching IT, and a recent report suggests that IT skills equate to a 39% increase in income. In short, access to computers provides these disadvantaged children with the gift of opportunity.

How is Valpak helping?

Valpak is pleased to be working with the Turning Trust to not only source suitable equipment from our staff and our suppliers, but also to provide free of charge equipment to help the Turing Trust conduct their testing and installation of software as efficiently as possible. We’re excited to be involved and look forward to offering more support in the future.

We have been using Valpak for a number of years, initially for waste packaging data submissions and more recently to ensure our business is compliant with WEEE Regulations. The business support they offer is excellent, ensuring that they have a full understanding of our business requirements through dedicated account managers.

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