PlasticFlow Report

WRAP/Defra commissioned our Consultancy Team to assess the current quantity of plastic packaging placed on the UK market and the level of recycling achieved


Our report provides a much-needed baseline on plastic packaging for use by policy makers and stakeholders. We are able to provide the best estimates of packaging placed on the market (POM) due to EPIC, our extensive product and packaging information database, and through the knowledge of our consultants and our industry contacts, who are an integral part of any flow project.

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Furthermore historical data is used to project levels of POM and recycling to 2025 and an analysis has been undertaken of the probability of the UK achieving national and European recycling targets up to 2025, if ‘business as usual’ is assumed, i.e. without considering the impacts of elements such as the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), PRN reform and the David Attenborough effect.

The report also outlines the industries and products that UK recycled polymer is used in.

The Valpak project team worked with Verde Consulting & Research and RECOUP on this project and benefited from the support of a plastics industry Steering Group.