Aston Villa Football Club

How we helped Aston Villa Football Club to comply with Carbon Reduction Commitment obligations

Aston Villa Football Club (FC) is one of the largest and most recognisable clubs in the UK, which meant that it was important for their brand values and reputation to ensure that they were compliant with the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).

Carbon Footprints

CRC compliance can be a costly and time consuming exercise, as it involves a lengthy process of having to coordinate a lot of data from many different suppliers. Non-compliance can result in large fines and damage to company reputation through prosecution and bad publicity.

The club soon discovered that ensuring compliance with this legislation could cost them a lot of money due to the time and resource it would take to become familiar with the requirements.

Carbon Footprints
  • Aston Villa FC has been using us to comply with the CRC Regulations since they came into force
  • Aston Villa FC saved a lot of time by outsourcing CRC compliance to us, as our knowledge of the Regulations ensured they were complying correctly
  • We kept them informed during the whole process, which meant that Aston Villa FC were confident they would comply
  • The associated fees for CRC compliance can be very high and inaccurate data may mean that a company ends up with an obligation that is higher than it should be. We ensured that Aston Villa’s obligation was calculated correctly to avoid over obligation
Carbon Footprints
  • Outsourcing CRC compliance to us has meant that Aston Villa can be confident that they will comply on time every year
  • We fully research any changes to CRC legislation (e.g. the simplification process) so they know exactly how it will affect the club’s obligations
  • We have been able to save Aston Villa money by guiding them through the forward buying scheme for Phase 2. By taking advantage of this, Aston Villa will save 5% on each tonne of carbon allowance they forward buy for Phase 2
  • Outsourcing CRC compliance to us means Aston Villa can focus on their core business and not worry about environmental legislation

We quickly realised that the CRC scheme would prove to be an administrative burden and made the decision that we would rather allocate the resource we have available in our finance department to more value added projects. From day one Valpak handled all aspects of our CRC compliance with diligence, expert knowledge and minimal disruption to our day to day activities.