Beyond Compliance

Knowledge beyond compliance solutions

We offer a number of solutions for businesses looking to:

  • outsource producer responsibility compliance
  • improve environmental credentials
  • improve packaging recycling performance
  • collect, manage and analyse available data
  • comply with producer responsibility legislation overseas

Outsource your packaging, WEEE or batteries data submission to us

Regardless of the size, location or complexity of your business we will make the data submission process for packaging waste, WEEE and waste batteries as simple as possible.

Often businesses with multiple product lines, high product variation or complex supply chains seek help with data collection and submission. We will manage data submissions to ensure compliance and offer a flexible service, which can provide as much or as little data support as required.

One option is to fully outsource your business’s submission to us. This service includes reviewing your business’s existing data collection methods, collecting and analysing data, collecting packaging and product weights, and the management of multi-site data submissions. Visit our Data Insights page to find out more.

International compliance solutions

If your business operates overseas and places products onto markets outside of the UK, it may also have obligations under a variety of producer responsibility legislation. Visit our International Compliance page to find out more.

Obtain a Green Dot licence

If your business is a brand owner or importer of packaging that displays the Green Dot logo, a UK licence will need to be purchased. To find out more about the meaning of the Green Dot and to ensure your business is using it correctly visit our Green Dot licence page.

Green Dot Symbol

Collect and aggregate detailed in-house and supplier data

Using our extensive experience in gathering and analysing data and our packaging weights database we have developed an online Insights Platform to help build a detailed picture of a business’s packaging, such as recycled content, recyclability, plastic polymer types and much more.

Our Platform can also help businesses looking to collect and analyse ‘additional’ data to meet legal requirements of areas such as REACH and the Modern Slavery Act. It can also help users to manage supplier performance on ethical and environmental issues. Visit our Insight Platform page to find out more.

"Entrusting the relevant data to Valpak has meant an increase in the accuracy of our calculations and I am confident that all aspects of compliance are being diligently managed to high standards "

Drake & Morgan
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