Waste Mangement Events

Cut your Compliance Costs by Offsettings your Recycling webinar

Join this webinar for tips and advice on how you can save money on your compliance cost by offsetting the tonnage collected from your business... Find out more

Quarterly Recycling Market Update - Webinar

This webinar will provide an overview of the main material markets including: cardboard, plastics and metals. The main drivers behind each market will be discussed, providing a better understanding of what factors determine material pricing and where prices may go in the near future... Find out more

Introduction to Demonstrating Waste Compliance

These events will cover all aspects of waste management including an overview of waste, expert advice on how to be compliant and how Valpak can help... Find out more

How to Effectively Manage your Waste - Webinar

These events will provide information on why organisations should look to divert their waste from landfill, how it can be achieved and the benefits of doing so... Find out more

Waste Management support sessions

We can cover a range of waste topics from advice on what you can do with your waste streams, guidance on how to set waste targets that work for you, advice on maintaining compliance with waste legislation... Find out more