Waste Prevention

Is your business looking to reduce the amount of waste it generates at source?

Scotland has announced a landfill ban on municipal biodegradable waste from 2021 as part of the Zero Waste Regulations. This is the first ban of its kind in the UK and could lead to other countries following suit. If this happens will you be ready?




In February 2011 the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations introduced the legal requirement for organisations to apply the waste hierarchy when dealing with waste.

This means organisations must take all reasonable steps to prevent and reduce waste, and where waste does arise demonstrate that they have dealt with it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. At the top of this hierarchy is waste prevention.

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Working with Valpak Consulting on this project helped us understand the key issues involved in managing and recycling our waste. The project complemented our environmental policies and helped us identify how to increase recycling at back of store and achieve cost savings