Waste Tracker

Keeping your business in control of recycling, waste management, reporting and compliance

Valpak has been helping businesses find recycling and waste management solutions since 2000 and we now offer Waste Tracker services. Our portal can help you stay up to date with waste legislation, track your business's compliance position and produce waste performance reports.

Waste Tracker 

Our services

Whether your business is working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), looking to close the recycling loop or to achieve any other environmental targets, we can help. We combine our extensive knowledge and expertise in waste management and data management with our online platform to provide the service level you need.

From assistance gathering waste data from waste contractors, to a fully outsourced solution providing the collection of waste compliance data and monitoring waste performance, our flexible service means you can choose the right level of support to suit your business's requirements.



Service benefits

  • Provides confidence that your data shows progress towards your business's goals
  • Provides greater compliance certainty
  • Facilitates greater collaboration with waste contractors and raw material suppliers
  • Allows future planning for your business
  • All waste information in one, easy to access place
  • Improved staff knowledge and understanding
  • Safe and confidential data storage


Waste Tracker Platform

To find out more call us today on 03450 682 572 or request a demonstration of Waste Tracker here.