Our Commitment to the Environment

“We are committed to environmental sustainability and take continuous steps to
improve our performance and impact on the environment. This gives our customers
confidence knowing that they are working with a responsible business.”
Steve Gough
CEO, Valpak

 Energy Saving


Approximate electricity reduction in Valpak offices between 2010 and 2017

98,891 kWh

Since installing solar panels we have generated enough energy to power all Valpak laptops for 3.4 years!

4016 w

Reduction achieved by installing 218 energy efficient LED fittings in Valpak offices


Estimated annual saving (reducing from 240v to 220v) since installation of voltage optimiser


Energy consumed which was generated by our own solar panels since installation

 Waste management

We are focusing on waste reduction, reuse and recycling activities at our offices, allowing us to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill in a variety of ways, including:


Majority of food waste goes through onsite wormeries & compost heaps

Litter Bin 

We have removed litter bins from under desks

Old TV 

We auction (for employee nominated Charity) old electrical equipment


Provide receptacles to collect used batteries and waste electricals / electronics

Reusable Coffee Cup 

Staff are provided with reusable coffee cups, which they can also use while out and about

 Carbon management


Annually we conduct an audit of employee commuting habits to measure our carbon footprint and offset it. Employees car share, walk, cycle and work from home


Our objective is to have a fleet of company vehicles with CO₂ below 100g/km. Good progress towards this is being made as vehicle technology improves


Purchase carbon offsets to balance out our carbon footprint. The projects we have invested in can be found here and here. More information about the shipping project can be found here


Offer a number of webinars, that cover all services, so members and staff don't have to travel

Data from October 2018

Valpak Environment Policy 

Download our

We are certified to ISO 14001 and have a robust Environment Policy.

Having ISO 14001 and PAS 2060, along with other initiatives, means that we have a robust framework in place to monitor our environmental performance and impact, and allows us to demonstrate that we are committed to a process of continuous improvement.
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