Packaging Reform, Consistent Collections,
Deposit Return Schemes & Packaging Tax

On Monday 18 February 2020, the UK Government published
expected consultations on Packaging System Reform

These consultations will have a significant impact on the way the UK packaging system operates, and will impact producers’ packaging obligations and costs.

Packaging Waste 

Consultation aims

Within Defra’s “Our Waste, Our Resources: A Strategy for England” document were a number of commitments to consult on changing the operation of the packaging waste system in the UK to increase the quality and quantity of packaging waste going to recycling. These include UK Packaging Waste Regulations reform, introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for beverage containers and legislating for Local Authorities to collect a consistent set of recyclable materials.

In addition, the HM Treasury has released a consultation on plans to introduce a tax on plastic packaging.

Defra and HM Treasury Packaging Consultation Responses

The four consultation summary of responses documents have now been published, and provide insight into stakeholders responses and possible next steps for Government.

Competition in Producer Responsibility report

The German Federal Competition Authority has produced a report to assess the impact of introducing competition into the German system for producer responsibility for packaging. It provides detailed evidence on the impact of costs to producers and other factors. There is also an Ex-Post Evaluation study of the effects of competition in the German Packaging system from 2017. These are the only report we are aware of which objectively assesses a real case study of the relative pros and cons of a competitive system versus the original monopoly system, which operated in German until 2004.

The German Federal Competition Authority report provides some useful insights to UK business and policy makers on the options for future compliance systems in the UK. Our Policy Team have produced a summary document, which can be viewed here.

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Soon after the launch of the Resources and Waste Strategy, MRW hosted a round table for industry to get together to discuss Defra’s publication...
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