Treasury call for evidence on single-use plastic tax

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Call for evidence summary

HM Treasury released a call for evidence to investigate how taxes or other economic incentives could be used to reduce single-use plastic waste. We responded to the consultation and produced a summary of the call for evidence. Enter your details into the form on your right to receive a copy:


Valpak member summary

It is important that whatever moves are taken complement, and dovetail with, proposed changes to the Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging, which the Government is reviewing, and any deposit return system proposals. It would also be important that any funds raised through taxes or charges were then ring-fenced to be invested in increasing recycling in the UK. We produced a member summary document. Enter your details into the form on your right to receive a copy:


In the 2018 Budget, Government confirmed that a consultation would be held on the proposal for a tax on produced or imported plastic packaging that did not contain a minimum 30% recycled content. It is proposed this would come into effect in April 2022. HM Treasury has produced a policy brief which can be found here. A consultation was published in early 2019. Further details and our response can be found here.

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