Guide to Reducing Compliance Risks When Complying Overseas

As a fast growing UK based retailer, understanding the range of environmental producer responsibility legislation that your company may be obligated under is vital to protect your brand and reduce reputational risk. Ensuring your overseas compliance is being met gives you confidence in your company’s ongoing international business expansion, as well as mitigating against any brand and reputational damage.

If your company places products on the market in the EU (or further afield) it’s likely that obligations will apply under product-compliance legislation in many of your destination markets.

Obligated companies must take legal responsibility for registration and end-of-life waste-management of affected products.

Our e-guide will help you understand the steps you need to take to meet any producer responsibility requirements which may impact on your international business operations. The guide also explains the importance of data management and the added value this can bring, how to ensure your company is sourcing responsibility, and how Valpak can help.

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