EEE Flow 2018

A review of the quantity of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) placed on the market (POM) and off the market in 2017.

The study also projects future POM figures and WEEE generated to 2020, and assesses the impact of upcoming legislation changes and targets on flow and achieving compliance.

Key points:

  • Estimated EEE POM was 1,821k tonnes in 2017, with 2.8% of that made up of products that are exempt of the scope of the regulations
  • WEEE generated in 2017 was 1,545k tonnes; 42% of this tonnage being treated and reported within the regulatory system; 24% lost to the residual waste stream and 34% likely to be treated or reused in some way but not reported to the agency
  • Total registered EEE placed on the market and reported WEEE recycling is projected to increase up to 2020, but not for all categories of EEE/WEEE

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