Product and Packaging Data

Our Insight Platform, combined with our extensive experience in gathering supplier data, provides customers with a clear view of the data within their business

The task of submitting data for compliance can be difficult and time consuming. At Valpak we understand the challenges facing producers due to increasing and ever-changing reporting requirements in line with environmental and circular economy measures.


Who is affected?

Businesses such as large brand owners, manufacturers, wholesalers and resellers must comply with a range of environmental legislation, including Packaging WasteWEEE and Waste Batteries Regulations.

Complying with such legislation often involves detailed reporting relating to the packaging and products you handle, or even the chemical substances within them.

Data accuracy is imperative to ensure your legal obligations are met.

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You can access our platform as either a stand-alone service or add it onto an existing membership agreement – you don’t have to be an existing Valpak packaging member to take advantage of this innovative tool.

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